Albanian government to support the agricultural production

Albanian government to support the agricultural production

The Albanian government will support the agricultural production in all greenhouses by financing petrol without excise and without circulation tax. “Through these additional measures, these greenhouses will have petrol with a price 40% lower  than other costumers. Farmers will receive 100,000 ALL for every 1000 square meters of planted land”, declared Edmond Panariti, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration.

As for the greenhouses that use solar as fuel, the support given to farmers is 80,000 ALL for every 1000 square meters. The Ministry explains that the funds will be given through direct payments, after farmers will present the respective documentation for the activity they own.

“After accurate calculations are made, the payment will be sent directly to the farmer’s account, avoiding possible abuses that could happen with the classic scheme of coupons”, the Minister declared. The Ministry of Agriculture says this decision will be applied even for products that have already been planted and for their production.

News source/photo credits: Ministry of Agriculture

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