Albanian Copper Industry Aims at Attracting Investors’ Attention

Albanian Copper Industry Aims at Attracting Investors’ Attention

TIRANA, August 23

Copper mining is one of the sectors of the Albanian industry that can attract investments. The Ministry of Energy and Industry invited Albanian and foreign companies to invest in copper mining. According to a technical document issued by the Ministry, the country has significant deposits of copper reserves that can reach up to 17.5 million tons, Top Channel TV reported on Wednesday.
Most of the copper reserves are found in the northern part of the country, but mineral deposits are also found in central and southeastern regions, respectively in Elbasan and Korca areas.
A part of this industry is being operated via concessionary contracts. Currently, a Turkish company is operating the copper mines of Munella and Lak Roshi in Puka area. Afterwards, the mineral is transferred in Fushe Arrez plant where it undergoes the enrichment process.
The Ministry of Energy and Industry aims at encouraging the copper processing industry by signing concessionary agreements for several facilities, including the former copper wires plant of Shkodra and the copper refinery plant of Rubik.
In order to attract the attention of investors, assistance schemes may be implemented for investments in technological areas. The subjects that will ensure the complete copper mining cycle, from the mine to the final product, which can be the electrolytic copper, wires, and cables. On the other hand, the enrichment process must ensure the recovery of gold and silver during the enrichment process.

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