Albanian coastline photos in the world’s most prestigious newspapers

Albanian coastline photos in the world’s most prestigious newspapers

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Just as you leave Himara city, after 5km you will find yourself in front of Llamani bay, that looks like a little oasis with a wonderful cold water beach and hard sand. Llamani beach is one of the most populated in Himara because is the best place to relax away from the city noise. After leaving Llamani bay, your eyes will encounter in of the most spectacular views of the area, the Castle of Porto Palermo. All tourists, journalists or artists that have visited this place have been impressed by the unspoiled beauties of it.

“New York Times” recently published a photo of Llamani bay in their website, considering it as “Photo of the Week”, under the Travel category, “A Guide to Intelligent Travel”.

Reuters nes agency published a specific article on natural beauties and touristic potentials that Albania offers.

Himara is well known for its breathtaking shingle beaches, but even white, bedding sand beaches. Spilea is the central beach of Himara and it is visited by many tourists, Prino, Potami, Filikuri, in the south part you may find many little beaches as Llamani, Qeparoi, Borshi, Buneci, Lukova and Kakomea. Down to Himara castle it is located Livadhi and in north you may visit Jali, Fusha, Ziso, Gjipe beach, Karkaniqi, Dhërmi, Palasa and Dhralea.

Most of these beaches have cold waters by reasons of underground waters. Only a few meters away from the shore, the waters become warmer. Traditional food, great hospitality and the contemporary accommodation are other attractive elements that will make your summer unforgettable in this touristic area in Albania.

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