Albanian Alps, Instagram vs Reality

Albanian Alps, Instagram vs Reality

TIRANA, January 20

The Albanian Alps will soon become the main competitor to the Adriatic and Ionian beaches, as a visit to the north is considered the top thing to do in Albania. The Albania Alps are so naturally gorgeous in every season of the year, the view is stunning, and every place is just begging to be enjoyed and photographed.

Photos, from selfies to travel photography, besides beautiful sceneries capture the thrill of traveling and inspire others to make their world-exploring plans. Sometimes, reality doesn’t meet expectations. Long waiting lines, endless horizons … and people, overpriced experiences, more people, and sometimes Photoshop, these are the things that those perfect Instagram photos don’t show.

Christian Loss from WDR Reisen took a trip to the north of Albania following an Instagram guide based on #AlbanianAlps to find out in person how Northern Albania looks like. He also shares information on travel costs, accommodation and food, and travel tips and little advice for Albanians on what to improve for a better tourism offer.
Are the Albanian Alps beautiful like on Instagram photos?  Take a look at the video to find out the answer.

Source: WDR Reisen

Photo Credit: Lumi i Gashit, Abdulla Diku

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