Albania Urged to Implement New Innovation Strategy in 2017

Albania Urged to Implement New Innovation Strategy in 2017

TIRANA, January 9

European authorities say that Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo are the only countries in the region still in early stages regarding scientific and research developments. Meanwhile, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro made significant progress. The European Commission drafted several clear requests that should be taken into consideration during 2017.
More concretely. Albania is asked to adopt a comprehensive strategy in the sector of research and innovation and to build capacities and increase investments. Regarding Kosovo, the Commission points out that the country made no progress concerning previous recommendations. Moreover, Kosovo is asked to adopt as soon as possible a law on higher education and to encourage investments in scientific research both in the private and public sectors.
Based on the latest index published by Indigo, Albania ranks last in the list that assesses the economic potential of a country based on different indicators from the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) such as creativity and innovation.
Being the 79th in the list, Albania falls far behind the other countries of the region regarding innovation and creativity. Albania has 62.9 points while none of the other countries has less than 100 points. Digital economy is another weak pointer. This research collects data by the World Bank, UNESCO, and the Harvard University and it drafts a list of 152 countries for five categories, creativity and innovation, economic diversity, digital economy, freedom, and law stability.

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