Albania to establish new duty free shops in border crossing points

Albania to establish new duty free shops in border crossing points

New duty free shops will establish in terrestrial and sea border crossing points, announced the Minister of Finances Shkelqim Cani, according to which this is a request made by the Ministry of Tourism. The Minister presented on Monday the latest amendments on the new Code of Customs at the parliamentary Commission of Economy and Finances regarding duty free shops.

This change comes in correlation with the necessity to develop this sector by opening new border crossing points, for tourism purposes.

“The change in the Code of Customs presents new opportunities to investors in this sector and the economic development since the establishment of these stores will affect in increasing the purchases. In order to avoid abuses in this sector, it is needed the improvement of the Customs infrastructure,” declared the Minister of Finances.

Duty free shops will transform border crossing points into attractive touristic spots in comparison to regional airports and ports. The government aims to transform airports and ports in Albania into attractive points, which will bring more tourists and will help in the local economic growth.  The price of merchandises in duty free shops will include a rate of profit for the seller and it will be free of taxes.

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