Albania to Enforce Overnight Curfew as COVID-19 Cases Surge

Albania to Enforce Overnight Curfew as COVID-19 Cases Surge

TIRANA, November 9

Albania will enforce an overnight curfew from 22:00 to 6:00 hours starting Wednesday, the technical Committee confirmed on Monday. The overnight curfew is intended at curbing the soaring number of new COVID-19 cases in Albania. The new rule targets the acidity of bars and restaurants. Meanwhile, the delivery and takeaway food at night will be allowed.
Chairwoman of the Technical Committee Mira Rakacolli recommended home-work for the private administration. The new measures will come into effect on November 11th and are going to be in place for three weeks. The measures are going to be reviewed weekly depending on the situation.
Albania reported a record number of new COVID-19 cases on Monday, a rise of 525 cases and 12 deaths. Currently, there are 11,555 active cases, of those, 360 patients are hospitalized.
Capital city Tirana reported the highest number of daily cases on Monday, a total of 222.
On their part, health authorities call on citizens to comply with the safety measures and to avoid non-essential activities.

Source: Health Ministry , ISHP

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