Albania promotes its tourism potential in Hague, Netherlands

Albania promotes its tourism potential in Hague, Netherlands

Albania’s tourism potential has been showcased for Hague’s citizens in an exhibition titled “Albania, EU candidate, from Air and Water”, a collection of photos by two renowned Albanian photographers, Alket Islami and Igli Pustina.

The exhibition was organized by the National Agency of Tourism with the support of Albanian Embassy in Hague, and took place at the House of Europe and the headquarters of Albanian Embassy. Present in the opening ceremony of this tourism potentials display were the two photography contributors Alket Islami and Igli Pustina, the General Director of National Agency of Tourism, Albanian nationals living in Hague and many curious visitors. House of Europe will host this exhibition until February 16 while the Albanian Embassy will hold its doors open for visitors until April 1st of this year.

Through this exhibition, the organizers aim to promote Albania’s touristic and natural values and potentials, by showcasing the most beautiful and attractive touristic spots. For all curious visitors, this is the address where they will find the exhibition: Korte Vijverberg 5/6. 2513 AB, Den Haag.


Many institutions have taken several initiatives in promoting tourism and improving the infrastructure for tourists by organizing promoting events, and by setting partnership ties with international institutions. National Coastline Agency lately has held meetings with Italian and Montenegrin counterpart institutions in order to exchange experiences and find new ways to cooperate, for improving its services in managing and maintaining country’s coastline.

News source/photo credits: ATA , Artur Malinowski (Flickr)

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