Albania One of the World’s best 20 Countries for Adventure Seekers

Albania One of the World’s best 20 Countries for Adventure Seekers

TIRANA, January 26

“Albania’s star has been rising, with more travelers each year wanting to explore its treasures,” the International Edition of the Guardian says in a recent article about the world’s 20 best adventure destinations for 2018. The article by the influential British paper features an appealing list of outdoor activities for all the thrill-seekers that are looking an exciting vacation. Even though underrated from the adventure travel industry, Albania is a perfect playground when it comes to the great outdoors. From the northern Alps to the Ionian Riviera, the country offers a vast range of outdoor activities like multi-day hiking trails, mountain biking, diving, off-road adventures, rafting, horse-riding, paragliding, etc.
Albania falls under the category of great coastal hiking trips in the Guardian’s list.

The Albanian Riviera is known for its beaches and crystal clear water. Yet, what would be better than hiking to those areas where there’s no road infrastructure. One of the newest attraction regarding coastal hiking trips is the National Marine Park Karaburun-Sazan in Vlora area. Several new trails have been marked in Karaburun Peninsula while Sazani Island was the year’s highlight. Excellent areas for coastal hiking trips in Albania are Rodoni Cape area, Divjake-Karavasta National Park, a great selection of hiking trails in the southern coast that can also be found under the Mysterious South Project, and many others.

The Guardian’s list of the 20 best adventure travel challenges for 2018

  • Cycling adventures in Mongolia
  • Swimming the Greek Cyclades
  • Coastal Hiking in Albania
  • Horse-riding in Belize
  • Hiking weekends in Bulgaria
  • Running in the Azores
  • Bike racing in Sweden
  • Loch Tay Sprint Triathlon
  • Open Water Swim festival in Mallorca
  • Mountain running training in the Lake District
  • Long distance non-stop canoe race in the UK
  • Summer Solstice Starlight dip in the Lake District
  • SUP tour in Cuba
  • Outdoor escape room in Georgia, USA
  • Cycling in Umbria, Italy
  • Family hike in the Catalan Pyrenees
  • Saharan Challenge in Morocco
  • Trekfest in Peak District
  • Wales End to End Cycle
  • Great Wall of China Trek

News Source, Photo Credit: The Guardian

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