Why is Albania the Last Undiscovered Pearl of the Mediterranean?

Why is Albania the Last Undiscovered Pearl of the Mediterranean?

TIRANA, May 16

“When it comes to travel, one can argue that there are few stones that have been left unturned in Europe, but one of those is certainly Albania. In many ways Albania is the missing part of the Mediterranean tourism puzzle,” a report by Horwath HTL says. The report examines the tourism status and the reasons why now is the time to invest in Albania.
According to the report, Albania is able to develop the tourism sector at a fast pace in order to understand the opportunities that the global market offers. Therefore, it can be on the same path that the other Mediterranean countries are following. The report explores the reasons why Albania is yet undiscovered, and why tourists and investors have to eye it now.

    • Strategic geographical position
    • Ongoing developing infrastructure
    • Unexplored and untouched natural beauty
    • Rich cultural heritage
    • Favorable climate conditions for year-round business
    • Comparatively lower operating costs
    • Attractive overall and sector-specific investment incentives
  • Ongoing international integration
  • Donor institutions already heavily supporting Albania
Mountains of Theth
Mountains of Theth

Moreover, Albania will need tourism as a growth and employment driver as well as a marketplace for Albanian rich agriculture, emerging industries, and various service providers.
For more, please read the report Why is Albania the Last Undiscovered Pearl of the Mediterranean

Source: hospitality.net

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