Albania & Kosovo Have Highest Marriage Rates in Europe

Albania & Kosovo Have Highest Marriage Rates in Europe

TIRANA, February 14

How many weddings do you want per year?
Albanians: Yes

Albanians love to tie the knot more than people from any other European country, official data confirm. Eurostat released some soft stats on the occasion of Valentine’s Day that show which country had the highest number of marriages relative to the population in 2018. The value is expressed per 1,000 inhabitants. Albania ranked first with a rate of 8.1 marriages per 1,000 persons. However, in terms of countries, Albania ranks first only because there are no data about Kosovo for 2018.
The marriage rate in Kosovo in 2017 was 9.6.

Crude marriage rate, credit: Eurostat

Cyprus, which had the highest marriage rate among the EU countries, 7.8 can compete with Albania and Kosovo. Other countries with a high rate were Romania 7.4, Lithuania 7.0, and Latvia 6.8.
On the other hand, the countries with the lowest marriage rate were Luxembourg3.1, Italy 3.2, and Portugal 3.4.

Running a marriage/wedding-related business in Albania can be quite profitable.

Source: Eurostat

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