Albania Is Emerging as a Medical Tourism Destination

Albania Is Emerging as a Medical Tourism Destination

TIRANA, April 21

The medical tourism market in Albania is expected to grow. Based on official data provided by the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) 180 international visitors traveled to Albania during the first quarter of 2017 for medical procedures, mostly for dental and aesthetic treatments.
Meanwhile, 663 visitors visited Albania during the last year for medical tourism purposes. During the recent years, Albania and other countries of the region are competing for attracting the major number of people that seek medical treatments.

Several studies have confirmed that this group of tourists define their destination based on service quality, low costs, and modern technology. On their part, owners of dental clinics in Tirana say that their patients remain satisfied with the quality-price ratio and bring other relatives and friends. When compared to the other countries of the Balkan, prices for the above-mentioned services in Albania are too low.

On the other hand, the increased number of Italian citizens that come to Albania for dental treatments is a matter of concern for the Italian competitors. They have often acquired an intervention by their state. The Italian media outlet, wrote in a recent article that Albania is the homeland of low-cost tourism.
Moreover, aesthetic intervention is second in the list of medical treatments. But the sector faces various issues related to the lack of controls and quality as some dermal fillers that are not approved by the European Union countries are used.

News Source: Monitor

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