Albania Earthquake: How to Help the Victims 

Albania Earthquake: How to Help the Victims 

TIRANA, November 27 

 In the light of the emergency state in the region of Durres and Tirana, Albanian and international citizens, the business community, the Albanian Diaspora, and foreign governments are showing their support and helping out the victims with assistance, disaster relief funds, and supplies.

Citizens affected by the earthquake are currently sheltered in Durresi Stadium, in camps in Thumana, Manza, at Kavalishenca Durres, in Vora, Lac, Mamurras, Lezha, and Mirdita. 

Currently, the most needed supplies include tents, mattresses, blankets, water, portable toilets, medicine and food (Keep in mind that most premises lack cooking facilities thus food has to packed or snacks).  

Albanian and Kosovan citizens and hotel owners have offered their houses and accommodation facilities in a sign of solidarity for the families that cannot return to their houses. The first buses already left to Kosovo, while Kosovan authorities and citizens and Albanians in North Macedonia have organized aid collection centers and continue sending their support. 

Social centers in Tirana in Shkoza, Kombinat, Zogu i Pare, 5 Maji, and Lanabregas are open for the people affected by the earthquake. The competent local emergency management agency in the Municipality of Tirana is the Directorate of Civil Emergencies

Aid collection centers in Tirana have been active at the National Theatre in Tirana, Vetevendosja Center in Albania, Petro Nini Luarasi high school, Pazari i Ri, etc. Meanwhile, local power units all over the country have organized their aid collection centers. 

Meanwhile, the Order of Pharmacists unveiled a preliminary list of medicaments and equipment needed the most.

 How to help

Donate money 

For those not currently in Albania, several relief funds are accepting contributions. 

Albanian authorities set up the following emergency funds at e-Albania

The Albanian Roots  Inc based in NY set up Albania Earthquake Relief and so far over 13,000 people raised more than $700,000

The Voluntary Center for Civil Emergencies set up a relief fund 

 Source: Local media 

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