Albania to Ban Lightweight Plastic Bags Starting July 4th

Albania to Ban Lightweight Plastic Bags Starting July 4th

TIRANA, June 14

July 4th will mark the start of the fight against plastic pollution in Albania. Starting the fourth of July in Albania it will be illegal to import, manufacture, use, sell, or bring into the country via land or air lightweight plastic bags. “This is a difficult but necessary decision,” Prime Minister Edi Rama said this during the presentation of the new investment projects in Durres on Wednesday.
In the meantime, the decision that aims to protect the environment and to be part of the global initiatives against plastic pollution was welcomed by the recycling sector.
Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism Ornela Cuci explained in an interview for Tema TV the impact of this decision.
At first, she said that lightweight plastic bags while posing a serious threat to the environment also have no recycling value. The decision aims at manufacturing multi-purpose biodegradable bags that can biodegrade in 36 months.
“Plastic bags must have a minimum thickness of 35 microns in order to be reusable and have a recycling value,” Cuci said.
According to the ministry, the level of single-use plastic bags in Albania three years ago was alarming. The decision on single-use plastic bags ban also includes fines that vary between Lek 100,000 and 150,000. Manufactures and importers that fail to meet the new requirements will be subject to these fines.

News Source: Tema

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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