Albania and Kosovo to Scrap Roaming Charges

Albania and Kosovo to Scrap Roaming Charges

TIRANA, November 9

Starting next summer, Albanians and Kosovans will enjoy free roaming when traveling between the two countries, if the two governments okay an agreement during Peja’s joint meeting set to take place on 28 November. Chairman of the steering board of the Albanian Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (AKEP) Kreshnik Gashi said in an interview for
Gashi highlighted that the abolition of roaming charges is an important initiative and AKEP is ready to execute the implementation of the decision as soon as possible.
“A working group was established and initiative will be subject of discussion in the next joint meeting of the Albanian and Kosovan governments. I hope that they sign the agreement in order that we can remove the roaming charges,” Gashi said.
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