Albania and Canada Sign Social Security Agreement

Albania and Canada Sign Social Security Agreement


Starting from yesterday, May 1st, every Albanian-Canadian who lives and works in Canada (or Albania) will have a pension, regardless of where he/she has worked.
Thanks to the agreement signed two days ago (April 30) in Canada for the “Social Protection between Albania and Canada and Administrative Rule” between the Albanian Ministry of Finance and Economy, and the Canadian Department of Employment and Social Development now it is possible for every Albanian who works in Canada to not lose the contributions made for the pension.

The agreement was signed by the Canadian Minister of the Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland and the Albanian Ambassador in Canada, Ermal Muca. According to the announcement, the reason for this agreement is to avoid the double coverage for the same period and the union of the periods of pension insurance made in both countries, and the export of the pensions.

The Albanians will have the possibility to get the Canadian pension even if they choose to live in Albania, thus not losing any right. From this agreement will benefit 60.000 Albanians-Canadians.
Since 2015 and onwards, Albania has signed agreements with 7 European countries and right now is in a process of negotiation with 4 other countries where Albanian citizens live and work.

Photo Credit/Source: Embassy of Albania in Canada

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