Albania among Top 10 European Countries for Cheap & Authentic Food

Albania among Top 10 European Countries for Cheap & Authentic Food

TIRANA, January 2

Albania ranks tenth in Europe based on the price of meals. says that Albania is more expensive than nine other European countries when it comes to eating abroad. However, none of those nine countries has hundreds of kilometers of coastline in the Adriatic or Ionian seas. The average meal price in an Albanian budget restaurant is $5.4.

According to Numbeo, Kosovo has the cheapest restaurant prices in Europe. The average price for a meal in Kosovo is $3.4. The ranking continues with Bosnia $4, Ukraine $4.2, Macedonia $4.6, Serbia $4.8, Moldavia $4.9, Poland $5.2, Hungary $5.2, and the Czech Republic $5.2.
Albanian restaurants in Albanian cities and small remote villages offer various dining experiences from authentic traditional cuisine to international dining. Capital city Tirana offers numerous options for restaurants that promise to offer authentic Italian, Albanian, Asian, Mexican, and Indian foods. Some of them are really good and cheap.

In the meantime, those that want to remain true to local cuisine can go for the slow food options. These restaurants that gained name and even international attention are located away from big cities. They prepare food using traditional cooking methods while their food is all organic. Many of these restaurants have their own farms while others get the products from local farmers, thus have an impact on the economic growth of local communities.

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Source: Monitor

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