Albania Adopts in Principle a Bill on Climate Change 

Albania Adopts in Principle a Bill on Climate Change 

TIRANA, December 9

A new draft-law on Climate Change’ that has been pending for over a year, was finally scrutinized and adopted in principle by the Parliamentary Committee for Producing Activities, Trade, and the Environment. Action against climate change has been an issue of major concern for Albania and its path towards European Union membership. The 2020 country report for Albania pointed out that even though the country made some limited progress for tackling climate change, specific administrative structures and available staff for handling climate change issues are a matter of serious concern. The same report also pointed out that legislation on strategic investment raises concerns for the protection of biodiversity, as it may allow large tourism and industrial investments in protected areas, e.g. the proposed airport in the Vjosa-Narta area. This conflicts with other national laws and with international biodiversity protection conventions that Albania has ratified.

The new draft-law will help to tackle CO2 emissions, accelerate adaption to reduce the impacts of climate change, create a national strategy on climate action, and to join global efforts regarding this burning issue.

Source: Scan TV

Photo: marine erosion in the Adriatic Coast, credit: Rrushkulli

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