Albania Adopts 4G&5G Networks Security Memorandum with the US

Albania Adopts 4G&5G Networks Security Memorandum with the US

TIRANA, December 12

A memorandum of understanding on 4G and 5G network security between Albania and the US government was adopted in principle by the Council of Ministers. The decision was unveiled following the recent government’s meeting held on Wednesday. The decision entered into force immediately.

4G and 5G Network security Albania
The Council of Ministers adopts in principle a memorandum on 4G and 5G Network security with the US

On 28 October Chargé d’Affaires Leyla Moses-Ones, in her remarks at the U.S. Policy in the Western Balkans Conference highlighted: “Albania is already doing the right thing by exercising vigilance by protecting its networks. Again, some things in Albania are simply not for sale.”

“And on geostrategic location, you know the 5G revolution is coming: the connectivity of Albania’s 4G networks will soon upgraded; the connectivity of its geostrategic position on the map is important because there are nations like China that desire to seize the digital lifeline of the Western Balkans to siphon information from, and choke the networks of, U.S. Allies,” Moses-Ones added.

5G technology enables high-speed internet and response times up that 4G or LTE. At the same time, public or private 5G standards new standards will likely become the top choice for the world’s largest businesses such as manufacturing plants, logistic centers and many more.

Source: Prime Minister’s Office

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