Albania is 42nd Cheapest in the World for Broadband

Albania is 42nd Cheapest in the World for Broadband

TIRANA, November 27

The cost of getting online in Albania is about $33 per month. A survey of 192 countries found out that the average price of broadband in Albania is 33.23 dollars while the country ranks 42nd cheapest. More than 3,351 broadband packages were recorded and analyzed by BDRC Continental and during the period August 18 – October 12, 2017.
Albania has a good ranking compared to the rest of the world, but when it comes to the region that are countries that have a better ranking. Serbia ranks 11th while the broadband cost is 18.92 dollars. Croatia ranks 25th and the broadband cost is 25.66 dollars.
Bulgaria and Italy rank 31st and 32nd with a respective broad cost of $28.81 and $29.27.
Montenegro ranks 37th and the broadband cost is $32.32 dollars.
The country with the cheapest broadband cost is Iran where getting online costs $5.37 while the most expensive country is Burkina Faso with an average price of $819.47 per month. The list can be accessed via Google Sheets 

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