Al Jazeera’s ‘The Traveler’ Show Explores Albania

Al Jazeera’s  ‘The Traveler’ Show Explores Albania

TIRANA, January 25

Al Jazeera TV Storytelling Documentary series, The Traveler, explored Albania, or the least pearl of Europe. Mark Hofmeyr traveled across Albania and shared his experience in three episodes of a runtime of 26 minutes each, with most of the postproduction pipeline managed remotely.

“Welcome to the last pearl discovered in Europe! Welcome to Albania! When you step into this country you would think you’re in an ordinary country. But as soon as you start your trip, you will be surprised by its magic and its hidden surprises,” Hofmeyr says in at the start of the first episode. (video below)
He explored the Kruja Bazaar, the Albanian Alps, Komani Lake, Shkodra Lake, Rozafa Castle, and zip lining in Kosovo.
The second episode focusses on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Albania such as Berati and Gjirokastra.
The third episode is all about the Albanian coastline and the Southern Riviera.

News Source: Al Jazeera

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