Air and Marine Connectivity for Saranda in the Future

Air and Marine Connectivity for Saranda in the Future

TIRANA, August 1
Improved connectivity and air connectivity are the plans for the future of the tourism sector in the southern city of Saranda, one of the top destinations in Albania. Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Damian Gjiknuri said during a visit to newly opened local businesses in Saranda and Ksamili village.
Gjiknuri said that he had the opportunity to discuss with people that have invested in the accommodation industry and tour operators and they agreed that improved connectivity, especially with Corfu Island, is needed.
“More connectivity with Corfu in the future and why not an airport in Saranda. We hope to build an airport in Saranda. The city can justify the construction of an airport for tourism goals,” Gjiknuri said.
Moreover, he added that a season extension would provide opportunities for a more qualified workforce in the tourism industry.

Klosi: Provide Price Transparency to Tourists

In another event held on Wednesday in Velipoja, northwestern Albania, Minister of Tourism and Environment Blendi Klosi called on entrepreneurs and representatives of businesses operating in the tourism sector to offer transparency to travelers and tourists and to not abuse with service and products pricing.
He said that the Albanian authorities that have supported the tourism sector activity also require that all these subjects comply with the law.
“We want you to offer transparency to tourists and vacationers, the list of prices should be displayed and visible,” Klosi said.
Absurd prices are common in tourist’s destinations in Albania, especially in the southern Riviera.
News Source: Local Media

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