Agrocon Albania, the Albanian Farm Introducing the Highest European Standards

Agrocon Albania, the Albanian Farm Introducing the Highest European Standards

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Agrocon Albania Sh.p.k is well-known as one of the largest and leading agricultural holdings in the country covering an area of 30 hectares in the fertile lands of Lushnja district. It is located in Ngurrez e Vogel village in Krutje, which is one of the areas with the most fertile growing soil not only in Fier region but in the entire country.

During the last year, Agrocon Albania Sh.p.k turned into one of the most renowned agricultural producers in the area.

The farm surface comprises 28.42 hectares of agricultural land. Meanwhile, investments in the farm consist of 10 hectares of Gothic type greenhouses that were built using the latest technology, 13 hectares of open fields and 5 hectares that will be used for building tunnels for strawberries.

Moreover, Agrocon Albania Sh.p.k has invested in the climate system for 10 hectares of greenhouses, in the irrigation system appropriate for 28 hectares of land, in agricultural equipment, and in the agro-technical staff. Thus, turning the farm into one of the holdings with the most complete and modern logistics support in Albania.

“One of the main goals of the company is to turn into a strategical point for agricultural production by providing not only fresh products but also various opportunities for cooperation with external actors such as local farmers, importers, etc. For us, the investment takes a new wider sense when we take care of all the production aspects by increasing quality and providing safe products for the market,” stated Roland Kadiu, Administrator of Agrocon Albania  Sh.p.k.

The other part of investments that is vital for the farm activity consists of a 3,000 square meters warehouse. It provides the opportunity to select, standardize and conserve the products into refrigeration rooms based on production specifications.

Investments diversity and the care shown for fresh produce growing makes Agrocon Albania the only company that produces fresh vegetables with Global Gap (GGN 4056186669025) certification standards. Products certification conforming to Global Gap standards helped to expand to new export markets such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, etc. One of the main goals of the company is to meet the standards for providing safe products for each of the crop varieties that are cultivated.

Thanks to investments in supporting logistics capabilities, the collection process of products cultivated by local farmers was applied starting February 2017. Hence, the farm turned into a strategical setting in the area for the production and distribution of fresh vegetables destined for export.

“There are many farmers in the area, who cannot export or sell their products due to the lack of investments. Therefore, the collection process is going to be a novelty that will encourage the growth and strengthening of local farmers,” stated Adrian Imami, Manager of the Sales and marketing Department and in charge of this process.

The crop portfolio for 2017 includes Global Gap certified vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, as well as varieties of peppers and watermelons. The certification process for the last two ends in May 2017.

Agrocon Albania Sh.p.k is member of Balfin Group, the largest group of investments in Albania and one of the largest in the region that is continuing to invest in the most strategic sectors for the development of the country. Further on, Balfin Group is considered one among the few Albanian businesses that knew how to be successful and competitive even beyond Albania’s borders with investments in more than ten countries.


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