Accursed Mountains among 20 Great Mountain Holidays in Europe, the Guardian Says

Accursed Mountains among 20 Great Mountain Holidays in Europe, the Guardian Says

TIRANA, April 16

There are numerous people that prefer mountain vacations instead of beach holidays. Many of them like to explore new destinations. This is the answer that many foreigners that visit the Accursed Mountains give when asked why they chose Albania. The Guardian media website ranks Albania among the 20 great lake and mountain holidays in Europe.
Visitors in the Albanian Alp may find some of Europe’s most pristine scenery. Life in this region follows a slower pace and people live isolated from the stresses of modern life and consumerist society.
“Albania’s Accursed Mountains make for a wild holiday with an element of time travel,” the article says.
Locals have invested in their old towers in Theth, Valbona, and other villages and turned them into guest houses where they welcome visitors from all over the world. Visitors explore the Albanian Alps, a mountain range that spans the borders of Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro. The Peaks of the Balkans, a 192 cross-border trekking trail tempts hiking enthusiasts.

Valbona lake

The Guardian’s list also includes:
    • Trail running in the Dolomites, Italy
  • Eat, drink, and hike in the Basque Highlands, Spain
  • Nordic pilgrimage in Sweden and Norway
  • Meet a hornblower in Vorarlberg, Austria
  • An alternative to the Alps, Georgia
  • Canoe camping in Montenegro
  • Watersports in Annecy, France
  • Hi-tech hostels in the French Alps
  • Alm hut walking in Tirol, Austria
  • Alpine history in Switzerland
  • The volcanic peaks of La Palma in the Canary Islands
  • The laidback lakeside of Umbria in Italy
  • Lakeside Sauna in Estonia
  • Valais Switzerland
  • Swimming in central Portugal
  • Alpujarras in Spain
  • Night kayaking in County Cork, Ireland
  • The thermal pools of Low Tatras in Slovakia
  • Budget train trip in Chamonix, France
    News Source: The Guardian

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