Foreign Policy: Albania has improved its ability to attract foreign investments

Foreign Policy: Albania has improved its ability to attract foreign investments

The ability of Albania to attract foreign investments has improved, referring to the latest publication of Foreign Policy, “Baseline Profitability Index”, titled “Where to invest in the world?”.

As you can see in the photo, Albania is ranked the 53rd among 112 places of the list, near Sweden and Netherlands and above regional countries such as Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, and Austria.

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Baseline Profitability Index
Photo credits: Foreign Policy

According to this publication, Albania has improved its standing 18 places, compared to the last year’s ranking. “Baseline Profitability Index” ranked Albania the 71th in its list in 2013 publication. This index is based on eight factors to predict what foreign investors expect from places they intend to invest in. Among these factors are the economic growth, financial stability, physical security, corruption, dependence on government, the collaboration between local partners, control over capital and currency.

Albania's ranking in the list
The rank of Albania in Baseline Profitability Index, Foreign Policy
Photo credits: Daniel Altman

In the report, it is emphasized that “the Baseline Profitability Index suggests that not every country that displays fast economic growth is a targeted country for foreign investments because there are many other factors that determine whether this growth will transform in the returning of their money back. This index contains much more information than a simple forecast of economic growth.”

News source/photo credits: Foreign Policy

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