A New Standard Set for Adventure Travel Safety

A New Standard Set for Adventure Travel Safety

TIRANA, December 9

Adventure travel in Albania should be exercised based on clearly defined standards. Therefore it will be possible not only to meet the needs of tourists but most of all to ensure their safety.
The General Directorate of Standardization, a subordinate at the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship published a new standard for ‘Adventure travel, safety management systems.’
The aim of this standard is to define the minimum requirements on safety management system for the subjects that provide service on adventure travel. The risk management process is an essential part of the safety system that ensures continuous improvement and contributes on the localization of sites for safe adventure sports.
After the subjects that offer such services will meet all the conditions of this standard, it can be certified by Albanian or international companies. The fulfilment of this standard by the subject that offer such services, guarantees safety to all the tourists. This is important for increasing the number of tourists that love adventure sports and activities.

News Source: ATA

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