7700 Farmers Pass the First Phase for the €5 mln Fund

7700 Farmers Pass the First Phase for the €5 mln Fund

TIRANA, May 27

7700 farmers have passed the first phase in order to become one of the winners of the fund of €5 million, made available from the Ministry of Agriculture for the project of National Schemes 2019. The Agency of Agricultural and Rural Development (AZHBR) has made public the results, where the majority of the applications have been for the delivery of milk as raw material for the farms and where is received direct support. Other types of applications are beekeeping, production of olives, improvement for the damaged olives, delivery production for the fishing boats,  etc.

Now AZHBR has gone to another step, that of selection, where the applicants have to submit additional documents, like: proof for the payment of social insurance, proof for the liquidation of tax obligations, or to AZHBR if they have been in debt. Also, varying on the type of application there might be requirements such as complete documents over the ownership or rent of the land, etc.

The deadline to submit the additional documents from the farmers is 7 June 2019. If they are submitted after this date, there is a disqualification for the applicant.


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