40% of Albanian Bosses are Females

40% of Albanian Bosses are Females

TIRANA, January 4

Having a female boss in Albania isn’t uncommon. Comparable data from European countries show that almost 40% of bosses are females and 60% are males. Comparable percentages were reported for Italy other Balkan countries such as Macedonia and Serbia. The stats were confirmed by a poll on labour conditions during 2015 conducted by the European Commission.
The countries with the highest percentage of female bosses are Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Meanwhile, the most patriarchal country with 90 % of male bosses is Turkey, while Germany and Greece are the EU countries that don’t prefer female bosses. According to the report, women continue to face discrimination and segregation at the workplace even though progress was made.
In terms of management levels, women aren’t yet in the same positions as men. On the other hand, starting from 2000, the percentage of employees that have a female boss changed from one-fourth to one-third. Despite the increased number of female managers, the report says that they manage female and young employees while old employees are mostly managed by male bosses.
Depending on the company size, the percentage of female managers is higher for larger companies with more than 250 members. However, males count for most of the board managers.

News Source: Monitor

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