3G licences to be issued in new frequency ranges

3G licences to be issued in new frequency ranges

The Electronic and Postal Communications Authority has announced the opening of tender bids regarding the public tender that consists of: “The giving of rights of permissions for the 1965-1980MHz frequency range paired with 2155-2170MHz and 5 MHz unpaired specter 1915-1920”. As seen in the first days of the publication of bids, Albania will most probably have a fourth 3G services’  operator, since Plus company, the only communication company that doesn’t offer 3G service for its clients, offered 2.97 ml eur for two of four offered frequency ranges.

But, even big companies such as Vodafone Albania and AMC, proposed their offers for the third free frequency range. Vodafone offered 1.552 ml eur meanwhile AMC 1.55 ml eur, and for the last range no offers were proposed. The Commission of the Evaluation of Bids has announced that after one week will publish the official ranking of companies competing to win the right of use for these frequency ranges. The wining company will be announced by the governing board of the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority.

These 3G services will be offered to the market in the beginning of next year by the wining companies. 3G services are currently offered  by three operators which count circa 1.2 millions of users. Albanian government has benefited about 52 ml eur from the sale of tenders for three first licences.

News source: ATA

Photo credits: openclipart / hatalar205

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