What are the 21 Local Festivals to Attend this Season in Albania

What are the 21 Local Festivals to Attend this Season in Albania


Twenty-one local festivals will take place in villages all over Albania during the upcoming summer season. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Niko Peleshi and the Minister of Tourism and Environment announced the list of 21 local festivals in a media event during the second edition of South Outdoor Festival-Himara 2018, organized by GIZ.
The 21 festivals were selected among 63 proposals in a competition launched in March 2018. The villages where the festivals will take place are also part of “100 Villages” initiative. The local festivals focus on the revival of old traditions and customs, on the promotion of cultural and rural tourism, local gastronomy and artisanal products. Besides the list below, there are numerous festivals organized in Albania during the year.

The list of 21 local festivals

Albanian Festivals

The Mussels Festival (Festa e Midhjes)
Ksamil, Saranda, May 12-13

Saint Trinity Festival (Festa e Shen Triadhes)
Zvirina, Maliq, May 20

Honey Festival (Mjalt’ Fest)
Dhermi, Himara, July 7-8

Teto Ollga Festival
Tushemisht, Pogradec, July 21-22

Grandmothers Cooking (Gatimet e Gjysheve)
Kosina, Permet, August 14

The Lakes Nymph (Nymfa e Liqeneve)
Seferan, Belsh, September 13-15

The Olive Festival (Festa e Ullirit)
Lukova, Himara, September 29-30

Strawbery Festival (Festa e Luleshtrydhes)
Cakran, Fier, May 19

Pan Festival
Nivica, Tepelena, June 6-7

The Mountain Festival (Festa e Bjeshkes)
Radomira, Dibra, July 7

Festojme se Bashku ne Divanin Lunxhot
Dhoksat, Gjirokastra, August 15

Baroque Days
Vuno, Himara, August 17

Roshniku Festival
Roshnik, Berat, September 14-16

Tomato’s Festival (Domate Fest)
Shengjin, Tirana, September 22-23

EU-Transit Albanian Farm
Rehova, Kolonja, May 19

Voskopoja Festival
Voskopoja, Korca, June 30

Za Fest
Theth, Shkodra, July 20-22

Grape Festival (Festa e Rakise)
Boboshtica, Korca, August 15

Wine in Shesh (Vera ne Shesh)
Shesh, Tirana, September 7-8

Skrapari n’Gote
Blezencke, Skrapar, September 15-18

Vesta e Veres
Kantina Cobo, Ura Vajgurore, Berat, September 15
News Source/Photo Credit:bujqesia.gov.al

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