2 Albania-based companies included in ‘Top 100 companies in SEE’

2 Albania-based companies included in ‘Top 100 companies in SEE’

Tirane, Albania / February 26, 2016

Kastrati Sh.A Albanian company and Bankers Petroleum Canadian company have been included in the list of Top 100 biggest companies in Southeast Europe for 2014. Kastrati sh.a, an oil and gas distributing company has been ranked as the 81st biggest company out of 100 while Bankers Petroleum (a Canadian investment in Albania) has been ranked as 86th biggest company. Kastrati sh.a is a newly included company in this list for 2014, while Bankers Petroleum has risen in the ranking by 10 points (BP was ranked as the 96th in 2013).

The ranking is published by SEE News, an independent worldwide provider of business news and market intelligence with focus on the emerging markets. The ranking of the biggest companies in the Southeast Europe is an annual tradition of SEE News and the main indicator used to compile such list is the annual turnover of companies that operate in the Southeast Europe.

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Most of the companies included in the list come from the automobile sector, petroleum and gas sectors, telecommunication and trade. The report highlights that Southeast Europe countries have implement the needed structural reforms in order to boost the economy of their countries.

News source: Scan TV
Photo credits: SEE News

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