19 years old Albanian illegal migrant awarded with Gold Medal at French Senate

19 years old Albanian illegal migrant awarded with Gold Medal at French Senate

The 19 years old Albanian boy Armando Curri, illegal migrant in France, has been put in the center of French news sites for being awarded as one of the best apprentices in France based on his school high results.

After receiving the gold medal Armando declared for French media: “If you have the willpower and the courage you can do anything”. “When I first came here I didn’t speak very good French but my boss saw that I had the courage to work hard and he hired me,” said the winner.

Armando is a 19 years Albanian boy, who currently has the status of the illegal migrant in France, but after winning the price and being awarded in a ceremony held at the Senate headquarters, the authorities have extended his temporary residence permit in France by three months.  The news was published in all French news sites, and international websites as Euronews, The Guardian, ect.

After being informed for his legal situation, the organizers of the event at first did not allow the young boy to participate in the ceremony at the Senate headquarters, but later they changed their mind.

Event the French Senate President Gerard Larcher was aware of Curri’s situation, considering his case a symbol of success. ““I looked at this case yesterday when I arrived and, after informing the administration at the Interior Ministry, I took the decision to receive this young man because he is a symbol of success and also because he is supported by his mentors and the label ‘France’s Best Worker’ represents certain values,” declared Larcher.

 “It’s completely beautiful. It’s wonderful. I would like to do something like this myself, perhaps later,” declared Armando while being interviewed at Senate’s headquarters in Paris.

News source/photo credits: The Guardian

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