100 Albanian Villages to Benefit from Development Program

100 Albanian Villages to Benefit from Development Program

TIRANA, January 9

‘100 Villages’ is the newest state program that aims at establishing the first successful model on the integrated rural development of Albania following the best European standards. The ministries of Agriculture, Infrastructure and Energy, Culture, Tourism, and the environment in cooperation with mayors and agencies for regional development a map of 100 villages throughout Albania that are going to be the first 100 models of rural development. They will provide both improved public services and economic well-being.
The purpose of this ambitious program is to support local communities to build new economies. Monuments of culture will be restored and also connected with other elements in order to translate into economic values and to increase the tourism potential of the given area.
Moreover, the Ministry of Infrastructure will provide infrastructural investments in public services, roads, water and power supply. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Tourism and Environment will be responsible for environmental issues and provide support to accommodation facilities.
On its part, the Ministry of Agriculture plans to support local authentic products.
The goal of this program is to have at least two villages per municipality that meet all the infrastructural standards and also provide a satisfying level of well-being for local farmers.
The village selection is done based on their potential and experience in attracting tourists and producing local products that are highly required by the international market.

News Source: ATA
Photo: Dhoksat in Gjirokastra, one of the 100 villages, Credit: Dhokstati Guest House

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