Unemployment Rate for First Trimester of 2019 Revealed

Unemployment Rate for First Trimester of 2019 Revealed

TIRANA, June 10

The unemployment rate for the first trimester apparently is the lowest in the last 30 years. According to INSTAT, the official unemployment rate until the end of March 2019 was 12.1%. This is the lowest figure for the last 30 years, since the fall of communism.
For the population willing and able to work the rate of employment was 60.3 %. But, for the youth, the rate of unemployment is 10% higher than the average, which shows youth unemployment is still considered high.
Only 41% of the young individuals, between 15 and 29 years0old currently work. The majority of the young people who don’t work are either pupils or students, although 8.3% of them have claimed that they are not looking for work because they believe they will not find it easily.
Comparing the genders, unemployment is lower in females (11.9%) and higher in males (12.2%). That’s because women are less involved in the work market, instead, they are more engaged in household duties.

Source/ INSTAT


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