Tourist’s Center in Valbona Under Reconstruction

Tourist’s Center in Valbona Under Reconstruction


TIRANA, July 8

Work on the reconstruction of the tourist’ center is Valbona, Northern Albania, has started. The new facility will provide various services including accommodation, information, office space, and opportunities for tourism development initiatives.

Besides those functions, the center aims at promoting economic development through rural tourism. This sector is one of the most important drivers of growth for the area of Valbona and Tropoja. This region along with Thethi is the top rural destination in Albania. Valbona welcomes over 120,000 visitors annually. The area has preserved traditions and customs and it has a lot to offer to its visitors including yet unknown attractions.

Making those attractions known and accessible to visitors is among the goals of the new tourist’s center.

Currently, the project consists of the architectural and functional restoration of the two existing structures;
Construction of 4 bungalows to meet demands during the peak season;
Construction of a souvenir shop to promote local products, art, and crafts.

The project is implemented by the Albanian Development Fund (ADF) and funded by the Albanian Government and the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB).

The overall goal of the project is tourism offer diversification through new initiatives.

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Despite being a top destination in Albania and at the same time a national Park, Valbona and the local community have been damaged by the construction of various small Hydro Power Plants projects.
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Source/ Photo Credit: ADF

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