Top ten richest people in Albania

Top ten richest people in Albania

Foundation for Economic Freedom NGO has recently published the list of 10 most rich businessmen/women in the country, owners of the biggest private businesses in the country.

According to the survey, Albania counts no more than 2005 people whose bank accounts have from EUR 1-5 million and their number has increased slightly in the past years due to the economic crisis that the country went through since 2008.

For conducting this list, the ranking is based on the annual turnover of rich businessmen companies and other aspects. For 2015, the overall annual turnover of the top ten richest people of Albania surpassed the value of EUR 1.1 billion.

The list of top ten rich people in Albania for 2015 is:

Number one on the list of the richest Albanians in 2014: Samir Mane

Samir Mane is the founder and President of Balfin Group, a real estate investment agency ( the investor of TEG and QTU shopping centers, the biggest and most successful shopping centers in the country.)
2. Vasil Naçi

Vasil Naçi is the founder and CEO of Agna Group, a company focused on exports and imports of many types of products, construction, advertising and other services.

3. Shefqet Kastrati

Shefqet Kastrati is the President of Kastrati Group retail oil company, which is a leading company in the market in recent years.

4. Vjollca Hoxha

Vjollca Hoxha is the President of “Top Media” media group which includes the famous Top Channel  national TV and Digitalb cable platform, created by his late husband Dritan Hoxha who died in a tragic car accident in Tirana several years ago.

  1. Edmond Leka

Edmond Leka is the Board Chairman Financial of Union Bank second tier bank.

  1. Grigor Joti

Grigor Joti is the President of Infosoft Systems Albania, the leading IT company in the market. Joti also is the founder and the owner of many other businesses in the country.

  1. Idajet Ismailaj

Idajet Ismailaj is the owner of Albstar construction company which has undertaken the construction of many public projects in the country.

  1. Vilma Nushi

Nushi is the owner of 100% shares of Marketing Distribution company which is focused in exports and imports and the owner of 50% shares of Trimed, a pharmaceutical company.

  1. Bashkim Ulaj

Bashkim Ulaj is a very known businessman as the owner of Gener 2 construction company.

10. Artan Dulaku

Artan Dulaku is the owner of ‘Edil Al‘ construction company, Tring digital TV platform and Vizion+  TV.

The 2014 ranking:

  1. Samir Mane
  2. Vasil Naç
  3. Bashkim Ulaj
  4. Artan Dulaku
  5. Vjollca Hoxha
  6. Shefqet Kastrati
  7. Grigor Joti
  8. Edmond Leka
  9. Vilma Nushi
  10. Rame Geci

News source: Scan TV
Photo credits: Gimicom / Wikimedia

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