New Oil Processing Refinery to Open in Elbasan

New Oil Processing Refinery to Open in Elbasan

TIRANA, November 25

A new refinery for crude oil processing will open in Balldren area of Elbasan city. The government issued the concessionary permit to RHB Beline Company, which was also registered at the National Business Center. The decision was published on Friday on the Official Gazette. Currently, the interest for domestic crude oil processing has increased. Given the low quality and price, international demand for oil produced in Albania is low too. Hence, the companies operating in this sector are interested to sell their product in the domestic market.
Moreover, these companies have increased the demand for opening processing plants in Albania. So far the Ministry of Energy and Industry issued two permits. On the other hand, there are doubts about the technology that is implemented and the way how it will work. Oil produced in Albania needs advanced technology in order to reach the Euro Diesel standards. So far, none of the plants that operates in Albania has that type of technology.
The concessionary licence for the new refinery will be valid for 30 years. The refinery must start work by December 31 and it will have a producing capacity of 600 metric tons per day.

News Source: Monitor

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