How Much Plastic Waste Does each Albanian Create per Year?

How Much Plastic Waste Does each Albanian Create per Year?

TIRANA, May 10

Plastic pollution is a serious and pressing issue all over the world. Despite the various attempts for cutting plastic use in various countries, Albania included, the average European citizen creates 31kg of plastic waste per year. The data are concerning for Albania. According to the Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), every citizen in the country created an average of 39.6 kg of waste in 2016. This figure ranks Albania among the countries with a high rate of plastic waste generation. Based on the data provided by Statista, Irish citizens in 2015 were responsible for 61kg of plastic waste, the highest rate in the European Union. Luxembourg ranks second with 52kg of plastic waste per capita. Data on plastic pollution confirm alarming facts.
Numerous clean-up actions have been organized in Albania during the recent years, yet the plastic pollution problem needs to be addressed at its roots.
So far, the initiatives on the reduction of plastic use focused mostly in capital city Tirana, but official authorities aim at spreading awareness-raising campaigns and initiatives throughout the country.
“A two-month awareness-raising campaign on the reduction of plastic bags will start, “Minister of Tourism and Environment Blendi Klosi said on Wednesday.
In the meantime, he added that there will be no penalties at the beginning. Another national clean-up initiative will be organized following the action in the beaches and riverbeds that resulted in tons of waste removed especially in the coastal areas.

News Source: Monitor

Photo Credit: B. Klosi

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