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Visa permit

Albanian biometric passport
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All other foreigners must be issued a visa before they enter the Republic of Albania at  the missions of the Republic of Albania which cover the respective country of residence.  These missions can also provide them with valuable information about Albania.
Foreign citizens who enter Albania without a visa are permitted to remain in Albania only  for 30 days for one entry. They can stay in Albania up to 90 days in a period of 180 days.  Persons working in or traveling frequently to Albania are advised to obtain a residence  permit in order to avoid the entry fee.

There are different types of residence permits based on the type of residence, as follows:

  • for economic, professional, trade and employment activities
  • for study
  • for the family union of a foreigner with another foreigner who is a regular resident in Albania
  • for a family union between a foreigner who enters with a visa and an Albanian citizen
  • for a family union between a foreigner who enters without a visa and an Albanian citizen residence permits in the framework of humanitarian and religious activities
  • residence permits for exceptional cases.

Work permit

Persons who are not Albanian citizens and wish to work in Albania for more than three  months need a work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal  Opportunities. The request for the work permit should be completed before starting any work. All the required documents for the application can be obtained from the Migration Office,  Albanian Embassy in one’s country of origin, or at regional labor office.  Generally, the granting or refusal of a work permit takes no longer than 30 days after  submitting the appropriate documentation. A work permit can be granted with or without time restrictions. The validity period of  the work permit is based on the type of work permit. The work permit will expire if the  deadline is exceeded, if the foreigner leaves Albania for a period longer than six months or  does not start the activity for a period of three months from the date the work permit is  issued.  Foreigners who will perform economic activity on the territory of Republic of Albania are  provided with the following types of work permits

Work permit type “A” for economic activities, as an employee:

  • Type “A/P”, for employees
  • Type “A/PS”, for seasonal work
  • Type “A/TN”, for transfers within the company
  • Type “A/PS”, for students
  • Type “A/NK”, for border employment
  • Type “A/SHV”, for people who offer volunteer services
  • Type “A/AF”, for family members who enter marriage

Work permit type “B”, for independent economic activity:

  • Type “B/I”, for investors
  • Type “C” for specific cases
  • Type “D” for foreigners granted continual work permit