Albania has Highest University Tuition Fees in the Region

Albania has Highest University Tuition Fees in the Region

TIRANA, July 26

Higher education in Albania comes with a higher price every year. The cost of education in Albania is considered too expensive in both private and public universities. For the first time, after the adoption of the new law on higher education, universities have the right to define the admission quota and tuition fees. So far, it seems that the latter will not change much compared to the previous year. Tuition fees vary from Lek 25,000 to Lek 40,000. The students that are going to study law are going to pay Lek 40,000 while those that will study economics are going to pay Lek 35,000. Not only the University of Tirana, but even the Medicine University will have almost the same tuition fees with the exception of pharmacy and general medicine that increased from Lek 45,000 to Lek 50,000.
On the other hand, tuition fees in private universities are higher and vary from Euro 2,000 to Euro 3,000. Yet, there is an obvious difference between the above-mentioned figures and the tuition fees applied in other universities of the region. The annual fee in the State University of Tetovo in Macedonia is about Lek 3,649. Even the University of Zagreb in Croatia has lower fees. A student there has to pay a fee equivalent to Lek 7,285. Moreover, the students at the University of Pristina in Kosovo pay a tuition fee of Euro 100.
But there is more. Students at the University of Belgrade, which is among the best 500 universities in the world, the highest tuition fee is Euro 3,000 for those who study architecture.

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