Albania-Serbia diplomatic relations and trade exchanges – inversely proportional

Albania-Serbia diplomatic relations and trade exchanges – inversely proportional

After the announcement that the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama will visit Serbia, 68 years from the last visit of an Albanian high official in country, BIRN (Balkan Investigative Reporting Network) published an article regarding Albania-Serbia trade exchanges volume in recent years. Since the diplomatic occurrences between the two countries have not been at their best point for years, due to the long conflict of Kosovo and other reasons, there is a presumption that Albania and Serbia have freezing relations in other fields.

However, a BIRN article shows the opposite showing that trade exchanges between Albania and Serbia have increased vastly in recent years. Only during 2013, it was reported a $170 ml trade exchanges volume between the two countries, a rapid increase compared to $30 ml trade exchange in 2007. Despite the fact that trade exchanges have been focused in a small variety of products, Albania exports from Serbia electric energy, food and beverages and construction materials.

Apart from importing energy from Serbia, in several cases the Serbian territory gets supplied by Albanian hydroelectric energy plans, in periods when the production of energy in the Drin Cascade exceeds the normal levels.

The highest volume of trade exchanges between Serbia and Albania relates to food products. In 2007 Albania imported $3.4 ml food products from Serbia, while in 2013 Albania imported 81 thousand tons of corn from Serbia, at an amount of 2.9 billion ALL.

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