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A brief information about Invest in Albania platform for the media, institutions and our partners. Readers can share and distribute this information without the permission of Invest in Albania’s managing staff.

We promote Albania as a tourism destination and a proper country to do business


What is

Invest in Albania is an online platform that offers daily updated information regarding the economy of Albania, foreign investments, tourism, startups and lifestyle in English only. Our primary goal is to promote Albania as a high potential tourism destination and as a proper country to invest. Apart from the online promotion of Albania, this platform also offers supporting services to people who are interested to invest in Albania through our close and long term partnership with MB Consulting, a reliable business consulting company headquartered in Tirane city.


Who founded Invest in Albania?

The platform was founded in June 2014 by two entrepreneurs who are also the founders of Manoolia Digital Agency. They are Christian Fenner (German) and Jetlir Izairi (Albanian/German).


We support public / private initiatives in the following fields:

  • Foreign investment
  • Tourism
  • Startups
  • Technology
  • Humanitarian / Charity initiatives
  • Ecological initiatives

So far, we have supported and promoted the following initiatives:
Travel Massive Albania
Colours of Albania
AlbanianSkills Competition
Albanian Security Forum
Product Tank Tirana

Official logo

invest in albania logo

Official social media accounts

Albanian Networking Group

Hashtag: #investinalbania

How can I contact the IIA staff?

This is the only official email account where you can write us:
[email protected]

You can reach us on:
+355 69 70 78 981

We will try to reply within one 1 working day.

Physical office addresses: