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If you’re looking for a safe and affordable country where to live or retire, take Albania into consideration. Friendly people, especially to foreigners, sunny shores, Mediterranean climate, and a cheap cost of living, are attracting expats to Albania

How much is needed to cover the monthly expenses in Albania? Not much if compared to other European countries. There are people from other countries that can’t even tell where Albania in the map is, but if you’re planning to move or spend some time in the country, you must know that it is an affordable place to live in Europe.
According to EUROSTAT, the cost of living for an Albanian citizen compares to half of the average cost price in European Countries. Check the list of prices below for capital city Tirana provided by Expatistan

Food Prices in Lek and Euro

The average price for a lunch and a drink in an Albanian restaurant is Lek 1,000 per person or about Euro 7.4.
A fast-food combo meal is Lek 460, €3.46
12 eggs Lek 188, €1.41
1/2 kg of boneless chicken breast is Lek 265, € 1.99
One liter of whole fat milk is Lek 126, € 0.95
Bread for two people is Lek 60-70, € 0.56
Two liters of Coca-Cola is Lek 170, € 1.28
One kg of tomatoes is Lek 94, € 0.70
One kg of apples is Lek 112, € 0.85
One kg of potatoes is Lek 69, € 0.52
Half kg of local cheese is Lek 411, € 3.09
0.5l beer in the supermarket is Lek 99, €0.75

Housing Prices

Monthly rent for 85square meters furnished house in an expensive area is Lek 64,268, €484
Monthly rent for 85square meters furnished house in a normal area is Lek 34,079, €256
Monthly rent for 45square meters furnished house in an expensive area is Lek 38,539, € 290
Monthly rent for 45square meters furnished house in a normal area is Lek 23,063, €174
Monthly utilities for two people (electricity, water bills, gas, heating) Lek 7,576, €57
Monthly utilities for one in a 45 square meters apartment Lek 5,181, €39
Internet 8 Mbps per month Lek 1,946, €15
Hourly rate for cleaning help Lek 380, €2.86
Laundry detergent 3kg Lek 915, €7


One pair of Jeans, expensive brands Lek 10,744, €81
One pair of jeans, not expensive Lek 2,699, €20
One summer dress in a high street store Lek 5,215, €39
One pair of expensive sports shoes Lek 9,439, €71
One pair of men’s leather business shoes Lek 9,702, €73


One liter of gas Lek 167, €1.26
Monthly bus pass Lek 1,633, €12
Taxi trip on a business day, basic tariff for eighth km Lek 1,920, €14
Taxi trip within the city centre Lek 300-400, €3


Two tickets to the movies Lek 1,043, €8
Two tickets to the theater Lek 1,100, €8
One cocktail drink in block or downtown area Lek 600, €4.51
Basic dinner for two in a neighborhood pub Lek 2,674, €20
Dinner for two in an Italian restaurant including wine, appetizers, main course, and dessert Lek 5,390, €41
One beer in a neighborhood pub Lek 282, €2.12
One month of gym membership in business district Lek 5,125, €39
Package of Marlboro cigarettes Lek 311, €2.34
How much will your lifestyle cost? You can make your own calculation of expenses.

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