Public Holidays in Albania

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Albania observes a set of holidays that mix key days such as the independence and liberation of the country with several different religious and cultural holidays. Other commemorative days that are not public holidays are celebrated regionally or nationwide. When a public holiday falls on Saturday and Sunday, the following Monday is off.


List of holidays in Albania 2021

Friday, January 1 New Year’s Day (Dita e Vitit te Ri)
Saturday, January 2 New Year’s Day (Dita e Vitit te Ri)
Monday, January 4 Monday off (long weekend)
Sunday, March 14 Summer Day (Dita e Veres)
Monday, March 15 Monday off (long weekend)
Monday, March 22 Nowruz Day (Novruzi)
Sunday, April 4 Catholic Easter Sunday (E Diela e Pashkeve Katolike)
Monday, April 5 Monday off (long weekend)
Saturday, May 1 Labor Day (Dita e Punetoreve)
Sunday, May 2 Orthodox Easter Sunday (E Diela e Pashkeve Ortodokse)
Monday, May 3 Monday off (Long weekend)
Thursday, May 13 Eid al Fitr (Dita e Bajramit te Madh)
Tuesday, July 20 Eid al Adha (Dita e Kurban Bajramit)
Sunday, September 5 Saint Teresa Sanctification (Dita e Shenjterimit te Shenjt Terezes)
Monday, September 6 Monday off (Long Weekend)
Sunday, November 28 Independence Day (Dita e Paveresise)
Monday, November 29 Liberation Day (Dita e Clirimit)
Wednesday, December 8 Youth Day (Dita e Rinise)
Saturday, December 25 Christmas Day
Monday, December 27 Monday off



February 14, Valentine’s Day
March 7, The Teachers Day
March 8, Mothers/Women’s Day
May 5, Martyrs’ Day
May 6, St George Day
August 15, St Mary Day or Assumption of the Virgin Mary
October 31, Halloween